Cozy Up with Studex Meat's Winter Wagyu Warmers

Cozy Up with Studex Meat's Winter Wagyu Warmers

Cozy Up with Studex Meat's Winter Wagyu Warmers 

As the cooler weather settles in, we all crave hearty and comforting meals that warm us from the inside out. At Studex Meat, we love the winter months, highlighting some of our favorite rich Wagyu beef cuts. From savory stews to hearty pies, here are some delicious dishes to add to your family’s menu this winter!

Wagyu Short Rib Stew
Wagyu short ribs offer a beautiful balance of tender beef and rich fat that melts in your mouth, providing a delicious buttery flavor. Paired with root vegetables and herbs, this stew is a perfect winter meal, packed with healthy antioxidants.

Pan-seared Wagyu Steak with Red Wine Sauce
A pan-seared Wagyu steak, drizzled with red wine sauce, and served with roasted root vegetables or creamy mashed potatoes, is a simple yet exquisite meal. Our Wagyu beef ensures top quality with every bite.

Wagyu Goulash Stew
Enjoy a warming bowl of traditional Wagyu Goulash Stew, made with Wagyu cubes, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and paprika. This robust stew is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, promoting heart health and reducing inflammation.

Wagyu Beef Pie
Nothing says “comfort food” like a hearty pie. Elevate your favorite beef pie recipe by using Wagyu beef for a rich, umami flavor that’s perfect for winter.

Wagyu Brisket Roast with Veggies
Perfect for hosting dinners or special occasions, Wagyu brisket roast is juicy and tender, thanks to its high intramuscular fat content. Serve it with roast potatoes and steamed green beans, and complete the meal with a drizzle of au jus.

Embrace the winter weather with these delicious Wagyu recipes.

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