Discover South Africa’s Finest Wagyu Beef

Welcome to Studex Meat, your top choice for premium Wagyu beef. Our beef is sourced from lush local pastures, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor.

Why Choose Studex Meat:

Superior Quality
Indulge in the rich marbling and tenderness of our Wagyu beef.

Home Delivery
Enjoy convenient delivery and free shipping on orders over R1000.

Support Local Farmers
By choosing us, you support South African farmers dedicated to excellence.

Experience the best of local Wagyu beef with Studex Meat. Taste the difference today.

Our CEO's Journey

Tumelo's journey began humbly, starting as a batch cooker at McDonald's SA in 2009.

Through dedication and a passion for excellence, he ascended the ranks to become a pivotal figure in the company's operations, spearheading initiatives such as the McDonald's delivery service and pioneering the MDS app, which transformed customer convenience across 200 stores nationwide.

Certified Halaal

Enjoy the exceptional quality and flavor of Studex Meats Wagyu beef, now certified Halal.

Our Halal certification ensures that our Wagyu beef meets the highest standards of dietary compliance and quality, providing you with delicious and ethically sourced meat you can trust.

Halaal Certificate

Certified Premium Wagyu

At Studex Meats, our Wagyu beef is proudly certified by Certified Wagyu Beef (CWB).

This certification guarantees a minimum marble score of 3, ensuring exceptional marbling and flavor. Our Wagyu is ethically produced to meet the highest standards of animal welfare and quality

CWB Certificate