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Chuckeye Steak

Chuckeye Steak

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"Chuckeye Wagyu Beef:

A whisper of the ancients, a song of the ages. This cut, hailing from the revered and majestic Wagyu, is poetry on a plate. Each marbling line tells tales of dedication, of nature’s gifts, of an art passed down through generations.

When its buttery texture graces the palate, it evokes a cascade of emotions, a reminder of times when every morsel was a celebration, every bite a reverie.

The Chuckeye is not just beef; it's a passionate embrace, a nostalgic lullaby, a promise of moments wrapped in the velvet of taste. Allow yourself to be swept away, to a dance where love, tradition, and flavor waltz in perfect harmony."

How to cook: Chuck eye should be cooked quickly over high heat - as you would a rib-eye or other prime cut.

Quick tip: Pay attention, an overcooked chuck eye becomes dry and tough.

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