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Large Wagyu Box

Large Wagyu Box

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**The Large Wagyu Box Exclusively at | A Symphony of Premium Cuts | 5-7 Marble Score**

5-7 Marble Score

  • 2kg ribeye
  • 2kg rump
  • 2kg sirloin
  • 2kg fillet
  • 4kg droewors
  • 3kg burgers

Behold the **Large Wagyu Box**: A grand ensemble of the finest Wagyu cuts, each with an outstanding 5-7 marble score. Designed for the true beef connoisseur, this box is a testament to our commitment to deliver only the best, directly to your table.

**2kg Ribeye**:
Savor the richness of our premium Ribeye cuts, where each slice reveals a beautiful mosaic of marbling. With every bite, indulge in the perfect balance of meaty flavors and the subtle notes of tenderness, elevating your steak experience to a whole new dimension.

**2kg Rump**:
Discover the hearty essence of our Rump steaks, boasting a robust flavor profile that's truly unparalleled. With a 5-7 marble score, it's a meaty masterpiece that promises both richness and depth, celebrating the raw spirit of the beef.

**2kg Sirloin**:
Dive into the world of supreme tenderness with our Sirloin cuts. Renowned for its lean profile and succulent texture, our Sirloin, with its stellar marbling, is a delicious voyage into the heart of Wagyu excellence.

**2kg Fillet**:
Experience the epitome of luxury with our Fillet steaks. Often termed as the 'crown jewel' of beef cuts, this tenderloin section, graced with a 5-7 marble score, offers a delicacy that's both soft and sumptuous, melting right on your palate.

**4kg Droewors**:
Venture into the traditional art of air-drying with our prime Droewors. Crafted from the finest Wagyu beef and aromatic spices, every strand is a testament to patience and perfection, delivering a chewy, flavorful treat that's hard to resist.

**3kg Burgers**:
Revolutionize your grill nights with our Wagyu burgers. With a striking marbling score, each patty ensures a burst of juiciness and flavors so rich, they redefine the very essence of gourmet burgers.

Elevate your culinary repertoire with the **Large Wagyu Box** from ****. It's more than just meat; it's a journey, a tradition, an invitation to partake in a legacy of unrivaled quality.

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