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Medium Wagyu Box

Medium Wagyu Box

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The Medium Meat Box | Premium Selection with Quintessential 5-7 Marble Score

  • 2kg rump
  • 2kg sirloin
  • 2kg fillet
  • 3kg droewors
  • 2kg burgers

A carefully curated collection, showcasing the pinnacle of Wagyu perfection. Every cut in this box embodies our promise of unparalleled quality, bearing the majestic 5-7 marble score that speaks volumes of its rich heritage and sublime texture.

2kg Rump:
Unearth the robust charm of our Rump steaks. Every piece, graced with a mesmerizing marbling pattern, sings a song of deep flavors and unparalleled succulence. It's a dance of earthy tones and velvety textures, ready to grace your plates.

2kg Sirloin:
Embrace the delicate allure of our Sirloin steaks. Lean, yet bursting with flavor, each slice is a testament to Wagyu's famed tenderness. With a marbling score that stands tall at 5-7, expect a gastronomic journey that's nothing short of extraordinary.

2kg Fillet:
Revel in the luxury of our Fillet steaks, the epitome of meaty elegance. With every bite, experience a symphony of softness and richness, as the intricate marbling melts seamlessly, creating a cascade of flavors that's truly unforgettable.

3kg Droewors:
Dive into the tradition with our premium Droewors. Each strand is a celebration of air-drying mastery, intertwining the robustness of Wagyu beef with a medley of spices. It's a snack, a moment, an experience that evokes the essence of timeless culinary craftsmanship.

2kg Burgers:
Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with our Wagyu burgers. Immaculately crafted with the perfect blend of meat and marbling, these patties are set to be the showstoppers of any barbecue. Expect fireworks of flavors and a juiciness that sets a new gold standard.

Crafted for those with an eye for quality and a palate for the exceptional.

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